Deion Sanders

Keep him as far away from FSU as possible. He would pretty much have the state on lockdown….I was wondering why they were keeping Coleman for the final announcement.

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If FSU has a down season next year they may ask about his interest….

Go for a year and play instantly, instead of not playing or just running up and down the field during kickoffs. Get paid.

Following year hit the portal and get paid again.

Almost using Jackson St as a minor league school while getting a lot of attention.

That’s some weird shyt, right there, son. The NCAA should take a look.

Miami needs other things way more than receivers.

Nah…There’s plenty in the state. And there’s always a chance he falls on his face and his exposed as a coach before then

Will he be a force…I imagine so. But there’s 40-50 4 and 5*s in the state of Florida alone…(Just using rankings as a parameter)

What is really weird is how successful Deion was in keeping in quiet…Nothing is quiet in today’s recruiting landscape

I probably won’t read every rumor or report on how it went down or whatever, but Coleman does look very good.

Lots of Barstools money going around. It’ll be interesting to see if these recruits enter the transfer portal this time next year with cash in hand.

Until they actually have to play games, lol.

I do think it happens eventually though.

So, in the era of NIL, what would be considered impermissible in terms of recruiting?

I could see marginal three stars signing on to Jackson State. But, for kids with big time options who have multiple offers to play for major programs, I’m not seeing how signing with Jackson makes a lick of sense.

The only thing I can think of is they’d be stars on a team full of nobody’s….it’d be easier in terms of both competition and NIL offers? Don’t have to split the pot?

i don’t see the benefit of elite prospects going to the likes of JSU either. #1 the school itself is not great…i don’t think that even 1/2 of the student body even graduates which is telling. secondly, do you really want to be the sole guy there who everybody knows got $1 million? teammates and classmates constantly harrassing you for money etc. finally, you’re not really going to be tested at that level…if you’re a competitor then that’s gotta be bothersome.

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How big can Jackson State’s pot be? Small time program. One would think the takings would be much bigger at Bama, Michigan, OK, Oregon, UGA, UF, et al.

Maybe Deion has it set up that they never have to go to class and they can spend all day with “service women”?

Again I ask, in this Brave New World of NIL, what benefits would be considered impermissible to entice a kid to sign up with School X?

Penn owns Barstools and is worth around $8B. They are likely able to recoup a good amount of the $1-3M from Hunter via him promoting their product/service via podcasts and ads with Deion.

I really wonder if NIL - bringing the money into the open - will help balance programs.

Alabama is no longer protected by the NCAA good ol boy club. And now they need to pay every one of their star athletes or they can just get paid somewhere else.

Jackson State can do this with one player. Alabama will need to pay out 30-40x as much (to other players) just to break even with Jackson State. And if there’s a bidding war between the 2, Jackson State can easily increase the payout 200k. Can Alabama do that without pissing off the 30 other players who signed NIL deals? “Why is he getting paid more than me?”

I dunno, maybe it’s optimistic thinking, but this might be a good thing.

Could it be something as simple as wanting to start something that benefits HBCUs? The majority of college and pro football players are black, why not help bring notoriety and money to schools that are historically black?

I have no problem with it.

On the HBCU front, why aren’t they in the FCS playoffs or are they?

So, segregation is making a comeback? :grinning:

With the size of Alabama’s alumni base and compared to JSU, many more successful alumni, they have thousands if not hundreds of thousands more available per player than JSU. They can easily afford that 30-40x additional $. Probably more along $1,000x. There is no question that the largest public universities with their alumni base, can blow away the JSUs and even the Miami’s. I expect that we’ll see it get much worse every year with the disparity in what the kids at the already dominant schools re going to get paid. Miami may be a much better market than Tuscaloosa or Athens, but the fan base will eventually control the market.

I don’t believe this. JSU can give one player 1 million. Can Alabama give all their players 1 million each? that’s my point, that small schools can compete by nabbing just one or two players, whereas the big powerhouses need to keep their entire roster happy.

I think everyone is missing the point.

Barstools/Penn is funding these NIL deals for Deion. They make their money from all alumni bases and are traded on the open market.

Thus, $8b of equity with a plan to pay for these kids via their own marketing engine.

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