Couldn't tell them shit about the difference between "with" and " because of"? Now all of a sudden they wanna distinguish

Is Fauci now a crazy right wing conspiracy theorist too?

So will it be

A. mental gymnastics
B. the crowd favorite, “crickets”

For the win?

@Canes51 recently has done the same.

He wanted Covid deaths to be high to win an argument in the beginning of all this so every death was “of” covid.

Now, he needs vaccine deaths and adverse events to be low, so it’s “with” the vaccine and not “of” the vaccine.

It’s truly remarkable to watch in real time.

Yeah. I wanted people to die. Amazing the garbage you type.

How are you feeling post vaccine?

I am NOT saying you wanted people to die.

I AM saying, to win a debate, you needed that number to be high. There’s a huge difference.

I didn’t need or want anything. I simply pointed out what actually happened.

How the fuck do you know what actually happened?

That’s the point for all of us.


No crickets here. If the a child dies and the cause of death is listed as covid, I will opt to believe the health professionals over the football board mouthbreathers.

The ones with the financial incentive to continue a pandemic? Interesting.

Everyone has an incentive. Yours is your fear of being wrong. And yes, I will trust them over you.

That whole “with” and “as a result of” still eludes you sheep types

Nope I’m going by “cause of death.”

Lol…Oh ok then. No gray area there.

You’re lost

I have no fear of this.

Lol…Agree I have a bigger fear of being right.

There certainly is. The gray area is precisely why I trust a doctor over a washed up message board bro.

Ok “bro”

Fuckin dork

What do you know about that doctor?

I know that they went to medical school.

The question is, what do I know about you?

Lol…What does medical school have to do with a man’s honesty or fighting the urge to take the easy way out?

Nothing, but the point remains, I know nothing about your honesty so why would I believe some message board rando?