China is already within our border

Would explain a DC fortress

Would explain a power grid attack

Would explain many many anomalies happening right now.

They want their man Biden seated. You traitors are with them.

This alone shows who should be president.

Where is the proof that Biden/Democrats are in China’s pocket?

Perhaps Trump would be president again if he didn’t suck so bad at it.


You haven’t seen all the deals that his son has with Beijing? Hundreds of millions of dollars and credit lines. Come on man. Open your eyes. It’s in the public record as much as they tried to stifle it.

How did he suck? Why will Biden not suck?

How would this explain a power grid attack?

Honest question: Are you unaware of all the deals Trump and his family have with China?

Pot, kettle?

Honest answer

Allen Weisselberg responded to this already. I’ll try to dig it up amid all the propaganda noise but this was an old account because Trump tried to do some licensing deals in China, and it didn’t work out.

Is this all you have? Trump trying to do LEGITIMATE business in China (unless you can show impropriety)…

The Biden’s are on record taking elicit money from Beijing. Hunter the bag man is everywhere. Big problem man.

I guess I understand that countries have EMP technology. My question is why would we be worried about an EMP attack now, especially if China is “getting what it wants” with a Biden presidency? Like, lay out the progression for me.

I’m not talking about the old inactive bank account. I’m talking about the business deals, licensing deals, hotel deals, outlined in that article. I’m talking about actual money he’s making from China, money that’s increased significantly since becoming president.

There is a difference between doing legitimate business in a country and sending your son, in your name, who the CCP give control to a multimillion dollar private equity fund along with credit lines worth millions. Wouldn’t you say?

Unless Hunter is now also a great asset manager?

I’m not claiming a crime because I’m not an investigator, but as an American I’m unsettled by the conflict of interest these incomes pose. Especially for anyone worried about the influence of Chinese money, his recent windfalls in China are troublesome too.

What if Trump may be doing exactly what all of you have been demanding for months. What if Twitter, Facebook, and the rest banned him to prevent him from laying out evidence of not only election crimes, but other crimes? Crimes in Congress. Biden crimes… etc.

And what if, the only other mechanism Trump had to do this was via television sets and radios using the nations EBS?

How would China, and the democrats they control, stop that?

Easy. Cut the power.

There’s a reason why military assets are being deployed not only in DC but throughout the country. There’s a reason we have recon planes flying over American lands along with AC130 gun ships.

There’s a reason why today, we ordered all federal prisons on lockdown.

There’s a reason Iran, who is allied with China, fired missiles at a commercial tanker which was a few miles away from an American battleship.

We’re taking defensive postures everywhere. You say it’s because Qanon inspired MAGA men will cause havoc. It’s just a ridiculous statement.

I say it’s because anyone who has studied the history of warfare can see all the pretexts of war manifesting in front of their eyes.

But don’t worry. We have the greatest military in the world. We have an amazing intelligence agency that, when not being political, can find anything they want and neutralize threats. Well most likely be ok.

But stop acting like we’re not in an extremely geopolitically dangerous situation now. And don’t pretend that China, along with their allies, don’t stand to benefit the most by going back to an older, friendlier regime who enacts favorable policy that helps them outgrow us by leaps and bounds.

There’s an old adage.

When America gets a cold, China gets the flu.

Well, what do you think happens when an American leader completely restricts Chinese economic and market influence in America? When we penalize people for investing in their companies? When we delist them? When we place tariffs on their goods and label them monetary manipulators?

They die eventually 305. And China understands this to be an existential threat to their economic engine, their political power, and their influence in the world. And they will stop at nothing to eradicate Trump and have Biden seated.

Pray for our nation.

Hunter Biden is your evidence?

How did he suck? Are you fucking joking?

And Biden may suck. A lot. Wouldn’t shock me at all.

Trump lost because he sucked as a president, and then sabotaged his own chances.


How specifically? I gotta hear this

It’d take all night to list it - and you wouldn’t believe it anyway. Why would I waste my time?

I will say this: he is responsible in large part for how politically tense things are in this country. Again, you’ll disagree with this and I don’t care.


Not the people who attacked him for 4 years? Are they also “largely” responsible?


Let’s flex our brain muscle here. Maybe the president could appoint himself a… let’s call it a PRESS SECRETARY. That’s right. In fact, maybe he can have a whole team to handle his press.

Maybe he could even arrange some kind of conference dealing with his press. Yes. Or have someone write official speeches for him. Wow, the ideas are really flowing now. Why has no president thought about this before?!?!

To seriously entertain, even for a split second, that banning the president from twitter stifles important messages from the White House to the public is completely delusional. The man is the most powerful person in the world and there are plenty of Trumper sites that will spread his gospel. He just needs to write the fucking book already.

The first point has nothing to do with the second. The EMP would wipe out social media too. Radio would probably be easier to restore than computers.

It could have something to do with all the credible threats the FBI has identified and warned about. But I get you’re at least you’re laying out a scenario.