Chauvin Trial

I watched the closing arguments. The prosecutors did a very good job.

Nelson was intermittently good, especially setting up the case for an appeal since I cannot imagine there being any justice for Chauvin in Minneapolis.

The trial judge made quite a few mistakes. After Waters exhorted the crowd, Nelson asked for mistrial, another motion that should have been granted The judge erred mightily not sequestering the jury with all the fireworks going off in Minneapolis. The judge blew it from the beginning not granting the change of venue motion.

Nelson’s closing never mentioned that if normal, strong-looking person, one not strung out on drugs with a severe heart condition, would have survived the treatment by Chauvin. There was a profundity of reasonable doubt. Chauvin is NOT GUILTY.

One observer commenting about Floyd’s autopsy said “George Floyd had enough fentanyl in his system to kill four men or two Stacey Abrams”.

Bikki, hannity and two experts on his show today both said the cop is guilty. They brought up Maxine waters and they basically said that even if a juror heard what she said it would have to be shown it impacted their decisionsZ which would be difficult to prove .

They also brought up the drugs in his system…both said it did not matter. When the cop decided to not take his knee off the guys neck even after he stopped breathing that did him in.

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He’s just hanging on to any hope that we can free this criminal cop later down the road.

Bikki - what Maxine waters said was beyond stupid. There needs to be calls for calm leading up to the verdict - which apparently will be read any minute.

Sadly, if there’s an acquittal, cities all over this country will burn.

As for your opinion on his innocence, I disagree with you.

Elite80, The verdict is based on evidence, not on impressions of the video. To prove Chauvin guilty you must prove that what he did was against the law. The knee restraint is pictured in his police handbook. The guy was so strong that minutes earlier four cops could not put him into a car. Even handcuffed, a strong guy could cause harm to the cops, kicking them, biting them, or rallying the crowd to interfere. He could also have run away. The standard for the judging the trial is reasonable doubt. It could be argued that Floyd foaming at the mouth was in the early process of dying when fighting the cops. The guy had two severely occluded arteries, and four times the lethal amount of fentanyl in his system together with meth, cannabis, and nicotine.
Chauvin is no doctor. He might have thought that the guy was playing possum on the ground. He was stating that he couldn’t breathe when he was struggling with cops. A lot of perps now say they can’t breathe when suppressed by police during arrests; that has become a perp technique. The trial should never have taken place in Minneapolis. A guilty verdict will be overturned on appeal. Maxine Water’s behavior alone contaminated the judgment. The judge was 1000% wrong not declaring a mistrial.

I can’t breathe I can’t breathe I cant breathe!!!


You didn’t watch the trial. Two of Nelson’s witnesses acknowledged that particular point, so your laughing is due to lack of knowledge.

I realize Floyd was a big guy, but there were 4 cops on top of him. He wasn’t going anywhere.

And even if you believe that risk is there, is there a reason Chauvin laid on top of him well after he went unconscious?

You can’t run away when you’re passed out.

Are you certain that Floyd would have survived had there been no contact with Chauvin? He was foaming at the mouth, had very high blood pressure, two occluded arteries, enough fentanyl in his body to kill four men or two Stacey Adams. Reasonable doubt. Is there reasonable doubt that Chauvin could not get a fair trial in Minneapolis? What law did Chauvin break?

@bikki228 According to a jury of his peers, he broke 3 of them.

Guilty on all counts.

Complete miscarriage of justice brought on by intimidation of the mob. Horrible.

Just not true. The jury followed the law and common sense.

All 3 counts!!!

Happy 4/20


The trial was a joke. It will be overturned on appeal. Seating a jury in Minneapolis was an impossibility. Nevertheless, the prosecution in the case was quite excellent. Nelson was just a police union lawyer who had his moments but needed a team of assistants… Many times during cross examination, he missed opportunities to impeach testimony or open up new lines of inquiry. At times, he was excellent, but the guy was worn down by facing the state single handedly. Believe me. I watched the whole trial, and what I witnessed was a far cry from justice. It was an example of mob rule. The jury polled 100% on all three charges. Ridiculous…

Dershowitz will explain it to you.

I watched the cop put his knee on his neck.


No opinion on the verdict…Agree he was guilty of something. But didn’t watch

A jury of your peers found a man guilty, and you call that mob rule?


The one thing I do know…

IF there are celebratory riots…The media will defend them. You can take that right to the fuckin bank.

The Sheep Herder!

Reminds me of the Qnut who was the QShaman lmfao.