CDC grants privileges?

Since when? Since when do I cede my constitutional rights to the CDC?

And now Fauci is saying masks will be permanent?

These are sick puppies.

Yay! GWP!

Fake news.

As opposed to the “real news” of CNN and the NY Times huh?

There’s literally a quote from Zientz right in front of your face…that quote is Fake News right, 51?

Anything from GWP is horse shit. And you know it.

A. Lol there’s literally a quote

B. Everything from your liberal sources is bullshit…you ignore that

At least I post shit.

All you do is provide commentary that makes all of us dumber for reading it.

What do you post you fucking idiot?

And there is nothing that can make you any dumber…You are as stupid as it gets.

Like when I posted the McCullough testimony and you ran and hid?

Like when I posted red vs. blue states for providing in-class opportunities for kids? And you ran and hid?

Like when I posted the strictest mask protocol states against the more lenient, and there being no difference and results? And you ran and hid?

Like when I posted mask compliance of all the European countries vs. Sweden and you ran and hid?

LOL. I, and others, responded to all of that.

And YOU hid.

Just keep acting like a tough guy.

That’s all you have.

People who are smart and know how to debate post sources.

Those who don’t call others “fuck boys.”

Guess which one you are?

A. You had no response. You embarrassed yourself. You are overmatched. You are allergic to facts…You need media to think for you because you are a sheep.

B. I thought I didn’t “post anything”…Now you are telling me you responded.

So Zientz’s quote means nothing, 51?

Please elaborate

Here’s the actual quote.

“So it is conceivable that as we go on, a year or two or more from now, that during certain seasonal periods when you have respiratory-borne viruses like the flu, people might actually elect to wear masks to diminish the likelihood that you’ll spread these respiratory-borne diseases,” Fauci added.

The horror.

Oh Skeeter???


I quoted Zientz, not Fauci

From above .^^^

Yay! Ignoring facts! That’s the Skeeter way!

Look at this dude. He clearly ignores my post above, then cheers like a 12 year old girl

I clearly said zientz above

Do 12 year old girls call others fuck boys and retards?

Asking for a friend.

Don’t know, but i do

Because that’s how i feel about you and your little sheepdom, your absurd choice to censor me, your memes, all of that

It all adds up to an absolute fuck boy…a worthless piece of shit pathetic clown. And i’d say all of it to your face in front of your family

You clearly see the word “zientz”. And you clearly start cheering for cande saying “oh skeeter”. Cande’s post clearly had nothing to do with me.

Why do you feel the need to respond to every post on this board?

Every time i post, i’m talking to others…not your little uninformed sheep ass. Why every time storm posts your respond? No one is here for your stupidity. Let people who aren’t mainstream media slaves have a discussion and butt the fuck out