But...he was RENOWNED

“A man posing as a math expert is actually a convicted drug dealer with no college degree who installs swing sets.”

Good enough for OAN and the GWP!

I recall a few of our resident posters beating their chests about this “analysis” as well.

Wool meet eyes. Completely hilarious.

I know because CNN and NYT are so thorough huh?


Look, OAN and GWP got played. People in this forum who blindly believe “their” media got played. Other news outlets get played too. It happens.

I’ll make you a deal, skeeter. When you see this happen with CNN, call it out, and I’ll have a laugh about it with you, ok?

(And you have to admit this one is hilarious.)

I’ve seen it happen for 18 months and have highlighted many of them.

So when I make a “what about”…It’s only for quick reference to bring you back to reality of your favorite media side. Why repost what I’ve already exposed?

For instance the networks/newspapers ran wild with HCQ smear

See Mcollough, Dr. Peter…

We’ve been over this 10000 times…There are not enough hours of the day for me re-post shit I posted last September. I’m just trying to focus on your and your favorite sources hypocrisies, I’m not defending the right networks here, just saying…Condemn one/condemn the other, and the “other” controls 90 pct of the media in this country.

They did go after HCQ too much, but they weren’t totally out of line. It’s not nearly the miracle drug trump made it out to be, and it has limited use with covid, even if it is useful in some capacity. I wouldn’t equate the two, but yes, they are vicious when it comes to Trump and take a lot of what he says out of context, etc.

And for the record, they are not my “favorite news sources” but, unlike GWP, at least they ARE a news source.

But either way, there’s no need to change the subject. This thread is about a swing set mathematician.

End of discussion…Nothing else needed.

No, clearly no different. In fact, probably worse…Facts mean nothing to these people.

I actually added/edited the last line of my previous response…Yes I’m not defending him or GWP/OAN here.

I’m trying to follow.

A lawsuit alleges he is swing set installer?

Or it has been confirmed that he is, indeed, a swing set installer.

And additionally, let’s say he is not, indeed, a mathematician but his data is credible.

Would it matter?

Has anyone debunked his work?

And now you’ve stumbled upon the crux of the issue - what data? That’s the ENTIRE THING. Lindell and his crew of monkeys have provided nada. I repeat. NADA. It’s day 2 of the “symposium” and NADA.
Lindell seems like he’s doing a dozen lines of cocaine between breaks too.

The only thing I’ve ever defended Storm on was his right to post and share information.

He’s his own man and can defend himself otherwise.

Right on. I think he does too.
On a side note, Storm - I have an autographed, numbered copy of Lindell’s book. Want it?

Yes, lying about credentials matters. Now, if his data is credible, then that there’s something to talk about, but when something claims to be an expert when they’re not… their credibility begins to degrade.

Are you asserting this guy has good credentials? Because I’m all ears if you have something.

Yes. If you care to actually check the veracity of claims, the internet’s available.

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