Bikki No Longer Will Support Salvation Army

Since I am not a racist and believe in equal protection of the laws, not special protection for some and lesser protection for others, I can no longer in good conscience make donations to the Salvation Army. Why? The Salvation Army has adopted Critical Theory which is a poisonous dogma pitting Americans against one another solely by the measure of skin color.

Over the years, I have made large donations to the Salvation Army, and I am certain the local branch will be beating a pathway to my door since I have always believed in their organization and supported it generously. I am a staunch supporter of MLK’s color blindness and of course judgment by character content. Scratching the Salvation Army off my list, I will send the donation earmarked for the Salvation Army to the Shriners’ Hospital and to the local Waterfront Mission. I will not further any organization that promotes racism.

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Thanks. What are your thoughts on Folgers coffee and shoe laces?

As for the Salvation Army -
In a guidebook titled “Let’s Talk About Racism,” the organization calls Christians to reflect on and rectify their contributions to the social inequities and prejudicial systems that have harmed minorities. Citing its “International Position Statement on Racism,” the organization writes that it “acknowledges with regret, that Salvationists have sometimes shared in the sins of racism and conformed to economic, organizational and social pressures that perpetuate racism.

An accompanying document created by the Salvation Army’s International Social Justice Commission, called the “Study Guide on Racism,” claims that white people are responsible for “unconscious bias,” an idea promulgated by critical-race-theory advocate Ibram X. Kendi. Kendi argues that white people’s legacy of racism is irredeemable, and that the only remedy is reverse discrimination as a matter of retributive justice to level the societal playing field.

So, again, that’s not what Critical Race Theory is. It used an idea used by a guy who advocates for CRT, but again…that’s not what it is. This has only shown you don’t know the definitions of the words you use. It discussed how small things like using only white images of Biblical figures in Sunday school is racist and can hurt people who don’t see themselves in it. Obviously, this is a thing being that none of those figures were white in the first place, so someone had to make them white to, again, accommodate for their own feelings.

Do you not believe “social inequities” existed in our nation’s past or that there were “prejudicial systems” in place?

Ibram X Kendi is a moron. White men are no more guilty of irredeemable racial discrimination than black men, Asians, Arabs, and Indians. You don’t cure discrimination by discriminating. When you discriminate, you create new victims My donation to the Salvation Army is one their larger donations, and there is no way in hell I’ll change my mind. I have been a loyal supporter of the organization for more than 50 years, but I will not accept such a racist view. I have also removed the Salvation Army’s legacy from my Last Will and Testament.

I know what Critical Race Theory is about. I went to law school. I reject it even from a legal perspective. It is inherently divisive and sends out a malevolent message. There is no such thing as irredeemable sin when it comes to humans.

Doesn’t matter. It still negates your statement and denotes it as either a lie or an ill-informed statement. They are not endorsing CRT. Also, recognizing past racism isn’t discriminating against people; it’s recognizing racism of the past. Notice how you’re full of shit?

I’m sure they’ll be alright. They get $3.8 billion in revenue each year.

You don’t know a god damn thing about CRT, obviously. That’s been shown in your statements. You’re full of shit, as usual.

Depends if you’re religious or not as far as eternal sin, BUT, nobody is stating you’re personally guilty of slavery. YOU, however, want to pretend racist itself doesn’t exist and everything has been hunky dory since slavery ended, all the while telling every person you meet how despicable black people are, how they are leeches, and how they are criminals.

Just a simple, old man, racist. Pure and simple. Not special. Not unique.

No…It shows that we are perfectly fine with playing the percentages and lumping them into all your bullshit leftist noble causes…Reject them and those supporting them, laugh at them, mock them but then otherwise ignoring them until they invade our lives.

More racism voodoo…Just what we need.


Pretty clear…You are telling us we really don’t understand definitions of your cute little progressive causes.

I’m telling you that’s not the case. We just know lies when we see them…Complete bullshit to prey on bleeding heart morons trying to rid and save the world of something they are actually creating and strengthening.

The very first post in my Twitter 3 thread is beautiful take on CRT. I could just see someone like you or fuckboy commie cunt durian hanging off this man’s leg screaming no!!! You are oppressed! You are a vicitim of white supremacy??


Yeah, still, you’re not offering literally anything other than “nuh-uh.” I mean, dude…a retarded 1st grader offers more. What are you debating, that the Salvation Army is indeed promoting CRT or that CRT is a legitimate thing, or the overall premise that racism has existed, systemically, in the US?

Or, are you just bitching cause you’re a bitch?

I’m responding to your non-pertinent examples…That clearly don’t offer any argument for the fairy tales you try to defend…With an all-encompassing “nuh-uh”…Correct

You are living a fairy tale and trying to make yourself feel noble…It speaks to bleeding heart morons like you and fuck boy djrion’s personal shortcomings.

“Study Guide on Racism”…BAHAHAH…Imagine reading that fairy tale. My god.

Ah, gotcha. You’re stating your belief is that racism doesn’t exist. Gotcha

Of course racism exists…There will always be racism in the world.

Just not on a systemic level in today’s United States…And it’s way down on the list of problems in this country.

The Salvation Army has already contacted me about my donation. To this end, they assure me that the publication “let’s talk about racism” is no longer being published since it caused many donors like myself to withdraw support. In effect, it was one of the most insulting things I’ve ever read. I told the organization that I don’t like the direction which the organization is taking, accepting the myth that blacks should be regarded as victims in perpetuity and white people forever should be enveloped in shame. I worked much of my life toward equal rights. I was a member of the NAACP as was my father, as was my grandfather… I marched in the Sixties to Montgomery. I could call John Lewis on his private telephone. I had many conversations with Jessie Jackson and Ralph David Abernathy. I demonstrated along with H.K. Matthews against the Escambia Sheriff’s department in treatment of blacks during a riot at Escambia High School. I was instumental in leading opposition to the Agrico Fertilizer plant which spewed toxic airborn effluent atop neighboring Booker T. Washington High School.

I told the Salvation Army that I will withhold this year’s donation until I see more evidence that organization rejects the kind of language found in the aforementioned brochure. Mine is not the only local donation, although by far the largest, withdrawn this year, I know of several other patrons of the organization who are also outraged. I surmise the Salvation Army will take a huge hit nationally due to their acceptance of elements of CRT. CRT should be removed from all school curricula. It does nothing but divide persons along racial lines.

The current anti-racist frenzy is the product of a poisoned academic culture that has declared war on Western Civilization and that teaches students, more than anything else, how to hate—to hate the greatest accomplishments of our civilization, to hate America, and to hate one another.

What are the problems of the country?

Yeah, no. I don’t believe a fucking word from you. You’ve shown yourself as clear as day. Racist as fuck and a daily liar. Not a fucking word

So what have you done Warden to foment racial equality?

Confucius level thought.

High level.

Warden is out of his league.

Rub elbows at the Dallas Petroleum club with white billionaires.

Didn’t you know bikki. He’s immune to white supremacy. It’s just us.

I am grateful that at this time of time of my life that I can direct fund to worthy organization that help people. Learning that Salvation Army embraced CRT as any thing other than a racist assault on white Americans and Western Civilization left me crestfallen. Then, they recommended a list of Marxian leftist books that proved without doubt that they’ve adopted this specious theory whose origin is found in European Marxism. How do you think I feel after supporting this organization for fifty years. In the past, they’ve been nothing short of remarkable since very little of one’s donation to the Salvation Army goes toward administration. Your donation goes directly to the needy. The suggestion however that I should hang my head in shame while still making a donation was an intolerable request. I am thankful that America was founded on precepts developed in Western Civilization. Western Civilization is profound. It had provided us with our legal system,our language, our ethics, literature, great art and music incomparable with all other civilizations. There is nothing wrong with eclecticism. With our liberties spelled out by a miraculous constitution we can avail ourselves to good ideas from any culture and institute them here to benefit all. The intent of Cultural Marxism of which CRT is concept is the destruction of Western Civilization. Be forewarned the threat of turning American into an unrecognizable countries is real one. Recall in 1977, Jessie Jackson marched ahead of 500 protestors at Stanford University all chanting “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Civ has got to go.”

See, I can’t agree with this take.

It’s very common for cultures to “appropriate” foreign stories and ideas and put them into a local context.

Case in point is Black Jesus, Arab Jesus, and Euro Jesus.

Or how about Indian Jesus, and other East Asian versions.

And don’t get me started on Japanese Spiderman…