Biden thinks

Blacks and Hispanics don’t know how to use the internet.

What a bigot this guy is.

You’re right. He should have called them rapists too while he was at it.

Here’s more in accurate info from you.

Trump didn’t call all Mexicans rapists. He was referring to the Coyotes that smuggle women and children through the border. And he made a distinction that within that traffic, he assumes there are “some good people” among them coming for legitimate reasons.

You know that. I know that. Everyone knows that because it’s true.

Uh huh. So I’m sure he was taken out of context too when he said “shit hole countries.”

GSC all I’m saying is that if you’re going to attack one president for a bigoted comment, you need to be consistent.

Once again - hearsay from an anonymous source. Trump said he never said it.

Deny, deny, deny. Then call others out for the same shit.

That’s the Trump way!

51- every example you brought up with Trump is hearsay. I’m showing you Biden himself saying these things publicly.

Got it GSC. Believe what you want about your Lord and Savior.

I guess the Muslim ban was hearsay too.

Did he use the term “Muslim ban?”

Did he have to? Nope.

You’re right on this point, but you’re doing the same exact thing here.

Biden said:

Not everybody in that community knows how…"
Biden says some in minority communities don't know how to get online to get in line for COVID-19 vaccine | Fox News Video

This is the very definition of political hypocrisy, and why I hate politics so much. You guys are making up BS to vilify the other side.

That said, I agree with FOX NEWS that he put his foot in his mouth and it’s a “stumble.”

I’d even go farther than that and say it’s concerning how often Biden stumbles in this sense when speaking about the black community.