Biden admin rations treatments to Florida and other Southern states

There isn’t a shortage of monoclonal antibody treatments, but the Biden admin is cutting back shipments to Florida and other red states, citing equity needs.

DeSantis blasted the admin and he’s just going to go around them by buying from another source that’s similar to Regeneron.

This looks like rationing for political purposes to me. Punish those Republican Governors that you don’t like.

All politics. These people are disgusting.

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If true that’s pretty despicable.

Unfortunately this happens on both sides of the aisle.




Um, he didn’t say it was okay.

He said it was despicable.

He also said UNFORTUNATELY both sides do it.

Learn to read bro.


They cut Florida’s allocate amount from the prior week. Not sure how you are disputing that.

And the government just signed a contract with Regeneron 3 days ago to have exclusive rights to distribute. That’s why DeSantis is going to the alternative drug that is similar.

Not sure what you are disputing.

I knew you’d try to run to your liberal sources to try to counter. lol.

I didn’t dispute that. I disputed literally the first sentence out of your mouth.

There isn’t a shortage of monoclonal antibody treatments

Do you know what rationing means? Is the concept of rationing evil?

I knew you’d try to run to your conservative sources to try to smear. lol.

I know you are but what am I?

What’s up with the juvenile responses lately? I thought you were better than that.

Specific to Regeneron, I read that there wasn’t a massive shortage.

Garbage in, garbage out, right?

If you’re complaining about my arguments, and they’re the same as your arguments, then aren’t you complaining about your own actions?

It is a juvenile response. And it’s not proper debate. And that’s the point I’m trying to make.

Okay, so your first assertion is there’s no shortage, and I post 3 links mentioning a shortage.

So are we going to further debate whether or not there’s a shortage? Or are we going to attack each other’s sources and play political football?

Ok, but if there is a shortage, which I’m not sure is specific fo Regeneron, why would you ration the distribution to the states that need it the most. That’s what seems to be happening here.

If you have different angle, I’m all ears. It APPEARS that this is political.

Ask yourself what rationing means and you’ll get your answer.

Instead of letting a few specific states eat up the nation’s entire monoclonal supply, it’s being rationed across the country so all states can have some.

Now, I’m not gonna sit here and say everything’s 100% fair. I can’t assert that without numbers: historical, current, and project cases. But for other people to claim it’s unfair without the same analysis also lacks sense.

If you want to make a case that something untoward is happening, you need to prove it. You need to convince us. You can’t just make a blanket statement without backing it up, especially when your very first sentence about the existence of a shortage is disputed.