As of the moment...'24 recruiting needs

And the order in each category is how I would rank them (obviously attrition, early entries can change this, surprise breakouts, surprise busts) UPDATED: 7/25

Huge Need: DT, QB, S, CB, DE

Need Help/Keep Stacking: WR, OL, LB

Get em, but can Aim high/Be picky: RB, TE

We are stocked/only a stud: None

A few guys ultimate position could matter here as well…(Do Bain and/or C.A. end up inside, does Malik Bryant put his hand down,) etc, etc…

Good question. Was wondering if we have that answer yet? It’s really insane now, isn’t it?

Be apprised, that members of the Jackson family who are the consummate authority on this subject are liable to be incensed that everyone misspells their son’s name. For the record, his name is Antione NOT Antoine. To obviate further besmirchment, here’s how to pronounce this player’s name. It’s a similar situation to pronouncing correctly the name Kamala which is correctly pronounced CAMEL-la.

Original post updated due to portal activity, the losses of Jackson/Mclain, etc.

Obviously corner has bumped up as a position of need. (Jackson, Mclain, Graves, Dunson, Curtis all gone)…While adding only J.Richard, who may even end up at safety

I updated this based on where we’re at right now. Edge/DE has now moved especially bc I think there’s a 50/50 Bain ends up inside…Collins A. is already a DT

DL (edge and interior) still need a lot of work. For as well as the edge position has been hit under Mario, the position still seems to lack impact players sans Bain. At some point, Cyrus Moss needs to eat a sandwich or two and put on some weight.

QB and DT seem like spots Mario and Zo will hit hard in the portal. But, what happens if 2023 plays out better than any of expect do guys like TVD, James Williams, and Kitchens come back?

It’s still early, but someone who has disappointed this year is LT. Sure, the kid is dealing with double teams, but if you are a first rounder (potentially) then you have to find ways to make plays.

Ya I never expected Kinchens to come back…Same with TVD…I think it’s a foregone conclusion, especially now that he’s showcasing. James Williams I was hoping, but honestly he’s healthy and playing terrific. Looks like a different player if he can keep it up. If he does, I doubt he’s here.

I think the big 4 of TVD, JW, KK and LT all leave, hopefully we can get 1 at least to stay.

Convincing TVD (loaded QB draft class) would be Mario’s biggest recruiting win. Hopefully, it’s not a foregone conclusion he is gone (same with Kitchens and Taylor).

I can’t imagine Taylor leaving right now; what has he done consistently?

I think it kinda is Silent…JMO

No one on any of these message boards thinks he’s staying. The gameplan is supposedly to hit portal hard, but I don’t know man…Emory Williams is looking pretty advanced imo.

But I guess built into that plan is that Van Dyke was either going to be effective and go prop…Or be replaced and if his season was a failure or he didn’t take to offense then he’d portal elsewhere for one last chance.

I can’t imagine Taylor leaving right now; what has he done consistently?

Graded out pretty damn good last year. Good enough to make a bunch of early round draft lists. I will say this though. I think he’s been just ok thus far last year…Need to see some splash plays from him.

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Honestly, I think TVD needs another year under this system to make his case for first round potential, UNLESS he keeps getting better and climbs up the boards, even then he seems like he’s going to need the right NFL system to have long term success.
Given the injury to Kitchens I think he goes pro to get his money while he can.
Williams, I don’t know. He’s doing good this year but I’m not sure he grades high as a pro right now. Come back and give a second year like this one? Sure.
LT isn’t being very dominant right now. I agree.

I like Emory a lot.

Was excellent against Temple, albeit it was Temple.