33 Executive Orders signed by a career DC punching bag...And not 1

*Trannies, covid farce, Paris Accord (Aka America Gets Fucked)… I’m sure Joe Biden sat in Washington DC his whole career and had these all mapped our carefully to help save our nation when he finally got the chance.

But yeah…not a single one addressing police reform that was used as an excuse to burn the country. Guess it wasn’t as important as the real agendas it was used for. Maybe when he finally gets this trivial little matter of police reform off of the back burner, he can then address violent crime exploding in America? And for the record I’ve said maybe 100 times on this site I support police reform.

first weeks of other recent presidents

Clinton- 1
Bush 2- 0
Obama- 5
Trump- 4

Now we finally get a REAL SAVIOR in there. Springing into action…He spent his 47 years in DC waiting to be the savior of transexuals (If you really think Joe Biden has ever thought or given one fuck about a transexuals’ life in his entire life then you are unsavable)

Its okay Biden through his use of EO just solved the pandemic. He outlawed the use of China Virus when discussing covid. The world can now rest easy.

With that out of the way, start eyeing some federally funded athletic leagues, identify as a woman (am I still allowed to use that non-scientific word?) and rack up some championships.

So many EOs in a week it is so difficult to keep pace.

Another Biden EO just axed the Office Protecting Job Rights of U.S. Graduates. A fairly obscure office created by Trump but the idea was to create transparency behind the hiring of foreign contractors by corporations to make it more equitable for American university graduates to compete fairly in the business hiring process.

Corporations will be left unchecked and unmentioned now to do as they please with the protection of the politicians s they’ve bought.

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