305 missed another one

Fully vaxxed. Dead as a door nail.

Why didn’t you post this one @thre305ive ??

RIP Colin. I got to see him make a key note speech back in 2009. I thought he was god awful. Never liked him one iota. But he fought and served so we honor him.

May he Rest In Peace.

Willing to bet he got the vaccine early, meaning it’s efficacy waned over time. In addition to being elderly he probably had other health issues that increased his risk.

How did I miss it. Didn’t it just happen today?

Unfortunately, people with blood cancer are known to have a poor vaccine response.

In a study published in July, researchers found that just 45 percent of those with active multiple myeloma “developed an adequate response” after receiving either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines.

The high failure rate doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to save them though.


I’m just playing your game. That’s all.

I don’t mind the post, I’m asking how I missed it? I’m on West Coast time. you posted this at 5am for me. I wasn’t even awake yet.


Are you suggesting that you would have posted it with a snarky title like “ Vaxxers are a dying breed?”

I probably would’ve gone with, “Should’ve picked Moderna!” or maybe, “Time to get your boosters!”

Or maybe just, “Cancer is a BIOTCH!” and then end with an ominous of picture of Trump tinted red with a comment like RED OCTOBER FOR THE STUGOTZES for some flavor.


ITS COMING SOON……:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Oh wait!

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You never know when Bill may show up to caplock us to death too…

What was funny was the way Bill used to kick everyone of your little bullshit attempts at facts and logic around and you ran away and stopped posting.

So funny

You wanted no smoke commie cunt

Bill had the decency to only cap his titles and emphasis words. He also had a working knowledge of the English language.

It is ironic calling DJ out for Bill making him run away when DJ is here and Bill is not…

DJ came back when Bill didn’t

That’s my point. Bill is gone.


Nevermind that GSC doesn’t even know how he died (died in his sleep). It HAS to be because of the vaccine.

GSC - I trust you continue to feel well after your vaccination?

OK…But at least be admit that he’s fairly young and it was VERY CLOSE to his vaccine.

That being said…There are many of these athlete deaths for instance that I don’t believe are even happening. The articles sound like they were written by nole80 and have too many holes in them.

How many otherwise normally healthy doctors in their 50’s die in their sleep?

Sleep is a cause of death now?