12 and under

Why? There’s literally no risk to children.

1000% agree!

Show me that kids are actually at rick OR the vaccine actually prevents transmission, then we can have a real discussion. Otherwise, GTFO with this BS!





First, it is “THAN” not “THEN”.

Second, WTF does legalizing and allowing drugs have to do with population control? You really think that people didn’t smoke pot because it wasn’t legal? Do you really think they are all going to die because a small percentage more may go from popping pills to using CBD or weed?

How do vaccines control the population?

Besides, it’s not in the USA’s interests to control the population. Every new citizen is a taxpayer.

And if they wanted to control the population, why let so many immigrants in?

This is the problem with subscribing to every conspiracy theory in the book. They don’t all jive with each other.

Perhaps……if we made vaccines with the intent of killing people, but we don’t, so……

He likely believes in the ovary theory. How long do mRNA and spike proteins last in the body? | Nebraska Medicine Omaha, NE

What most of these people don’t understand: the female ovary is born with 1-2million eggs. Thus, even if half the population has ovaries that won’t work the population could continue on with just a handful of egg donors because the uterus isn’t impacted. That is just one simple way to put this BS to rest without looking into IF the ovaries truly stop working for 100% of those females vaccinated.

Cool- so what happens when Fauci gets his way with 5 month boosters? Then it’s in your body constantly.

And we don’t know the long term implications yet. We won’t know them for another 5-10 years.

I’m against 5-month boosters for a number of reasons. FIRST, I had the second Pfizer shot administered 4/19/21 and was Covid positive 8/4/2021. If the Pfizer vaccine doesn’t prevent covid cases after 3 months, why would a 5-month booster help more? Why wouldn’t they go with monthly boosters?

The bigger issue that will unfold soon:
Health Care and Health Insurance companies will start charging massive bills for Covid positive cases that aren’t vaccinated. This will increase insurance premiums by $50k per case for companies. Thus, expect companies to either increase the cost of insurance for those unvaccinated OR for vaccines on all. The next BIG part of this will be how often you will need booster shots to fall in the “vaccinated” healthcare coverage.

The longer Delta continues to spread and hit vaccinated communities, the bigger the pushback is going to be against these boosters.

Where the Fuck is the push for healthier lifestyles and diets? If we are going to push Boosters then why the Fuck aren’t we pushing exercise?

Delta will soon be a long gone memory. Mu is on the way. They are going to hammer this thing until booster shots are like just a normal part of life.

This doesn’t make pharma any money. You know that.

I’m not seeing the big drop off. It wouldn’t shock me to see similar case loads for Delta in October that we have now.

Understand about big pharma.

I’m hoping you are kidding

Our schools are popping off rn

Can you find a single report that shows the hospitalizations rates per 100,000 kids is going up or down? You would think this would be easy enough to provide for states. This would tell us how risky this virus is.

Heck, that should be the norm for all age brackets along deaths per 100k per age bracket.

Otherwise, we are talking about volume increases due to a spike in cases which May not be an increased Risk outside of the higher chance of catching it at the time.


Doesn’t look like the numbers are changing much. 1/100000 end up in the hospital. I know two kids personally that have ended up in the hospital and it doesn’t change my POV. This is NOT a high risk to the youth of the country thus the vaccine is not needed. we can reconsider youth vaccines after collecting years of data to confirm the risks for each vaccine OR until we find one that greatly reduces transmission even with variants.

Much like adults, fat kids=Higher risks.

Bahahaha…djrion getting owned in this thread.

Flu still worse for kids, always has been and the proof has been in the new twitter thread for couple weeks.

I get why he would think that.

The media used raw numbers for COVID in 2019/2020 and now they’ve switch to percentages because no matter how you slice it, the raw numbers are down in every category.

It isn’t scary anymore.

So now instead of saying “20 kids nationwide” you say “568% increase from X date forward in children with COVID”

They are disgusting filthy people.

You gotta be one sick fuck to still support school closures or kids in masks. Studies and hell just raw numbers like this from all over the world.

More info in the tweets below it too. Putting in twitter thread too, so hopefully we can clear some of the fallacies from the fucking morons on this site.